Safety, Violence and Change

The world is in a state of change, where technology has created a much smaller world; a world that is connected and knowledgable. Life is much different today than it was a decade ago, the use of technology and the internet has made it possible for people to know what’s going on in different parts of the world within a matter of moments. This has helped our culture and civilization to form into something that we don’t recognize from previous decades.

In decades past we didn’t need to worry about certain safety issues. Much of our safety today is threatened not only by criminals and foreign governments but the technology they use. Now days we are so connected in, that it’s very easy for possible predators to find out so much personal information about us.

Additionally, spy agencies list cyberattacks, not terrorism as top national security threat to USA. What does that mean for us? As databases are hacked and personal information is leaked, it will be that much easier for people who would do us harm to gather information and learn our habits. Habits like when we pick our kids up from school, business trips, and other similar habits that usually lead to us leaving our guard down. Many would say that social media has already done that and to a degree, this is true; that is why it smart exercise judgement when using social media. Many have thrown out their own privacy in the name of social media without paying close attention to the many safety concerns this can and have caused.


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